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Forest Park Basketball Shootout
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6th-8th Grade Rules

  • IHSAA Rules
  • 6th grade games will use a women’s basketball/ 7th-8th grade use men’s basketball
  • Games will be played in two 12 minute halves.  Halftime will consist of 5 minutes
  • Teams will be given at least 5 minutes to warm up before the game begins
  • Coaches will be allowed two 30 second time outs per half. (These do not carry over)
  • You may press, trap, and play zone
  • If overtime occurs you will be given one additional 30 second time out.  3 minute overtime.
  • If a 20 point lead occurs, there will be a running clock in the second half and the team with the lead will not be able to press.
  • For seeding purposes, the largest margin of victory possible is 20 points.
  • Home team is responsible for the official book and visitors will be responsible for running the clock
  • Tournament Sunday-Top team listed is home team.

Forest Park High School   1440 Michigan St., Ferdinand, IN 47532
Cedar Crest Intermediate School
  4770 S. State Rd. 162, Huntingburg, IN 47542
(CCI is approx. 5 mi. north of Ferdinand on 162 just past the intersection of State Rd. 64)
Ferdinand Elementary School 402 E. 8th Street, Ferdinand, IN 47432.

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. If a coach or player is ejected from a game, they will be required to miss the next game. (this is an IHSAA rule) Coaches are in charge of themselves, their players, scorekeeper and fans. We are teaching young people to show respect and we should all show respect to others. (We do not want to penalize a team for the actions of fans, but coaches and scorekeepers are part of the team) Officials are in charge of the gym. Show them the respect they deserve.
  • Players, fans, and coaches must remain in the gym areas and hallways connecting the gyms. Areas that should not be entered will be clearly marked. Any players in these areas will not be permitted to play any more games in the tourney.

Admission –  Cost is $5.00 per day.  All school age children and under are free.
T-Shirts – Tournament t-shirts will be available for sale.  These can be purchased on Saturday and Sunday.
Concessions – All gyms will have concessions available.
Tournament Draw – Coaches should check or the “tourney machine” app for game times on Sunday prior to the tournament. Please call Phil Winkler (812-631-3498) if you have any questions.
Tournament Seeding – Record : Head to Head : Point Differential  : Points Allowed : Coin Flip
Awards – First place and second place teams will receive individual trophies.